Instagram (just like Facebook) is killing organic reach to promote ads says marketers and users

Many Instagram users and agencies recently raised concerns about the sudden decline in the engagement of their posts.
Rumors of Instagram's algorithm change were denied by a spokesperson of Instagram, as the question, however, remains unanswered about the drop in engagement of Instagram posts.

According to one influencer marketing agency, initial data from multiple clients has shown a decrease in impressions and engagement when it's not supposed to dip.

Alex Micu, one of the individuals behind Instagram's viral Egg post, said that Instagram is reducing the organic reach to promote their ads.

Ste Davies said that the Instagram algorithm is moving the same direction the Facebook's page algorithm did in 2014 as they will be pushing their ads by limiting organic engagement.

However, co-founder and chief executive at Wagyu Social, Elliott Kurjan, didn't see any decline in the organic reach and engagement of the posts, instead noticed instability in the performance of every post.

Posts that don't do well on Instagram feed in their initial hours get buried faster than ever by Instagram's algorithm, according to Elliott Kurjan.

More on this he said, This was always the issue, but now it is getting very prominent.
In response, Instagram said, it had not made any changes recently in the ranking algorithm.

Quelling accuses that user's friend posts were kept covered in support of brands, as users now see more than 90% of their friend's posts as compared to when the Instagram's feed was chronological back in 2016 when less than half of the posts were visible.

The spokesperson from Instagram said they don't hide any content, and the posts from prominent accounts don't have any high ranking advantage over others.

However, Instagram is introducing new monetization features, for example, the Company now allows brands to boost influencer posts as ads in the feed.

According to the head of research from We Are Social, these minor algorithm changes and experiments including hiding Likes, followers and cracking down on unsuitable content is raising concerns from big lingerie and swimwear brands that their engagement might be distressed.

Wagyu Social’s Kurjan said that anyone experiencing a drop in the engagement should focus on the quality of their posts as much as possible.

The platform has been unpredictable for many years as Facebook increasingly makes its own impression. One of these is the company's push to expand as a trading platform and make influencers posts shoppable.

Instagram users should get used to with regular changes to the app or move elsewhere.

Photo: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images

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