Instagram is Showing Irrelevant Ads to some Users and here is the Real Reason

Instagram collects users’ data and shows ads based on their interest. But recently it has been noticed that some irrelevant ads are being displayed by Instagram that has nothing to do with users’ interest.

Eric Ginsburg, a reporter, tweeted about how you can check your interests as per Instagram's data analysis. From your Instagram account, go to Settings > Security > Access Data > Ads. It will display the results, many of which might give you laughter fits, as they have nothing to do with your interest or preferences.

Upon Ginsburg’s call, social media users have been sharing the results they got from accessing the Instagram ads. Some found it interesting and some creepy.

Instagram gather this data from your activities on the app as well as from Facebook. Along with this, data is also fetched when you log in to any site through Facebook or any third-party app.

If you want to set the preferences right, you can alter your interests by going to Facebook privacy settings. Third-party websites and apps can be stopped from using your data. Then the ads you see will be based only on your activities on Facebook or its other services like WhatsApp and Instagram or any business you might have interacted with.

This will not reduce the number of ads appearing on your feed, instead, they will be more relevant.

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