Instagram officially experimenting with hiding Like counts and follower's count on some users

Earlier this month, the Facebook-owned app Instagram made headlines by announcing that it was running a test for hiding like counts on user's photos.

The idea behind this experiment is to get users to focus on the content rather than the likes or views on it.

In this experiment, the users won't be able to see the number of likes or the views count on the video in their Instagram feed.

However, the account owner can check the metrics on their account, and the likes and views count as well for any post.

The account owner can view all the metrics by just tapping on the post.

Now, it looks that Instagram is also experimenting hiding the followers count on some of its user's accounts.

Matt Navarra, the social media expert, shared a screenshot of this test feature in action and tweeted about it.

The tweet received a mixed reaction in the form of some users praising it and some expressing concerns about it.

While Instagram has confirmed that it is experimenting hiding like counts in Canada, it remains uncertain wherein the testing of hidden follower counts is being performed.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, spoke at Facebook ’s F8 developer's conference that Instagram has made follower counts much less prominent within the new design of the profile.

If this experiment worked according to the plan, it is capable of making an enormous change on the photo-sharing platform.

The users would focus on the content more than just the number of likes or its popularity.

Users could post something authentic without caring about the likes or the engagement on the photos as getting less amount of likes or views compared to other people, friends or influencers can lead to being less confidence on social platforms.

Although Like, views totals and engagement would still impact how Instagram's algorithm works and how it ranks a post in your home feed and discovery page.

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