Overuse of Tech by Brands Leads to Decreased Engagement From Users

The prevalence of brands on social media can be more or less directly linked to the fact that social media marketing has become one of the most prominent ways for any brand to try and expand its base of users. However, Bynder's recent research has indicated that brands may be going about this the wrong way, or at least have been over the last few years.

The fact of the matter is that brands have started to overuse cutting edge technology, thinking that this is going to entice users into taking their social media profiles more seriously. Things like VR technology as well as chatbots and the like are far less likely to result in high level engagement from the users that you are trying to establish some kind of rapport with.
"The vast majority of consumers (58.7%) are most drawn to / impacted by visual engagement. Other types of engagement, including interactive engagement like AR and VR (16.7%), conversational engagement like chatbots (12.06%) and blog posts or articles (9.88%), are far less popular among consumers.", revealed 'Consumer State of Branding Report 2019' by Bynder.
According to the study, users have stated that they are far more likely to engage with brands that are providing high quality images and videos. What this means is that there is no need for brands to be overly flashy with the tech that they are using. There was a formula that worked quite well not all that long ago, and this formula involved using visual content to try and boost engagement from users.

Brands need to get back to this basic formula because of the fact that the new techniques that are being applied are really not working all that well. Users don’t follow all that many social media accounts for brands due to the overuse of technology in these profiles resulting in a lack of consistency for a brand’s overall image.

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