There is space to add more Ads in Instagram and it's beneficial for Facebook's Growth too, says Jim Squires

Jim Squires, Instagram's Head of business who introduced Feed ads in 2013, is now making marketers to load their advertisements in Stories format, vertical photos/videos that can be viewed by users for 24 hours where Facebook is giving tough competition to the photography application which has launched Stories ads two years ago and has been receiving three million advertisers because of their low cost. However, marketers find it hard-won to leverage Story ads because they face difficultly in generating attractive content.

Mr. Squires, in a conversation with Business Insider (BI), said that advertisers had to go through long process when ads were introduced in feeds and the same problem was discussed by them with the company regarding stories ads; however, the advertisers are still reaching for it because of its lower cost than feeds, yet the company has given them option to convert the feeds into stories automatically.

When the BI asked him that what the biggest change in Stories, the Squires replied that the new feature requires more than feeds to engage audience in the first few minutes to communicate the message.

The interviewer further asked the Head of Business about ad load on Instagram on which he commented that Stories ads is at its developing stage and Instagram is hoping to increase it for the experience of people, advertisers and company’s profit.

The two discussed the introduction of commerce and shopping section in the application in which Mr Squires informed the media outlet that shopping is introduced to let users have serendipitous and window shopping of their own interests by going at Explore; however it is a complicated way to generate revenue because these posts and advertisements are seen by new as well old users of the application.

Moreover, the employer of Instagram told about IGTV, as well. He told the BI that Facebook Watch and IGTV are different. IGTV, according to him, is meant for creators and public figures due to which horizontal feature is introduced as well. Thus, he encourage marketers to promote their brand via IGTV too.

The Business Head commented on Facebook’s new privacy feature, as well. He said that these features are introduced for the users, but on the back side some assistance are provided to creators too.

Instagram's executive says that there's a good amount of space for stuffing more ads in the app — and it shows how vital Stories are to Facebook's future

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