A Picture of an Egg is the Most Liked Picture on Instagram

Even A Stock Photo Of Featuring A Single Egg Can Beat The World Record Of Most Liked Photo on InstagramThe internet can be a very strange place, and we saw a huge example of that on Sunday when a picture of an egg ended up becoming the single most liked picture on Instagram. The most liked picture on the social media platform generally went to celebrities and the like. Kylie Jenner’s picture of her baby was the most liked picture previously with over eighteen million likes, and we had Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement at the top of the list previously.

However, over the weekend an account was created by the name of "world_record_egg" posted a single picture of a brown egg, stating that they were attempting to beat the world record. If there is one thing that the denizens of the internet like, it’s off kilter comedy, as well as the distinctly weirder side of life. While it is definitely understandable that the notorious egg actually did end up becoming the most liked picture on Instagram, the speed at which it managed to do this is pretty much miraculous.

As of right now, the picture has nearly 30 million likes which is over ten million more than Kylie Jenner’s most liked picture has! Jenner responded to this revelation through a video that involves her breaking a brown egg, ostensibly because of the fact that the picture got so big that she could benefit from the publicity it was receiving.

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The owners of the account are, at this point, unknown. It seems like they would like to stay anonymous because they have not responded to people attempting to contact them, although there have been jocular comments about the origin of the egg being traced back to a hen by the name of Henrietta.

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