Instagram found Testing "Order" and "Product" Stickers for its Stories Feature!

It’s a well-known fact that Instagram has been working on its shopping feature for quite some time now. It looks like the Media Sharing Company is ready to take things up by a notch.

Social Media app researcher Matt Navarra recently posted a tweet where he shared a screenshot depicting the presence of an “Order” sticker along with other standard stickers in the Story feature. There’s no word yet as to how would this feature work out but a fair guess would be that it would allow users to order a product directly via Story.

However, users should not keep their hopes high as an Instagram spokesperson confirmed that the “order” feature is not being tested for general users as of this moment.

Additionally, Navarra posted about a “Product” sticker as well, which can also be seen along with other Story stickers. A screenshot was also provided as a support documentation.

It’s not a hidden fact that Instagram often tests out features that it has no plans for launching and these 2 new features could be among those but it’s hard to believe that, considering the company’s heavy focus towards building up its shopping feature over the past several months.

A checkout feature was rolled out not too long ago, to let the users purchase products from within the app and many other related features were introduced or at least tested at one point. Soon, shopping brands and channels will also start getting featured prominently on the @shop account.

Although many of the features released until now have been limited to only a number of influencers/brands, Instagram intends on making shopping a crucial part of its business in the long run.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that in the near future, advertising is going to serve as the main source of revenue. However, shopping and commerce are bound to take over, sooner or later.

Moreover, the introduction of new features and the reports of unreleased ones are a clear indication that the company is working hard on making the media sharing platform shopping-oriented and it can be quite beneficial as well, considering the impressive reach of Instagram Celebrities these days.

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Photo: Jaap Arrien / Getty Images
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