Instagram Influencers Are Winning By All Means; Posted 150% More Sponsored Content Than A Year Ago

Remember the time when influencer marketing was only limited to brands giving out their products to high profile public figures and celebrities for promotion? While there was always massive potential in these types of marketing tactics, social media has totally evolved the process into something much bigger than before.

The credit for the modern day influencer marketing goes to “micro-influencers” on Instagram, who together have brought up a 150% hike in sponsored content on the platform - all in a single year.

This has been confirmed in a comprehensive report by Socialbakers, which state that there are 12 million influencers present on Instagram currently and they are further categorized into micro-influencers (with less than 10,000 followers), macro influencers (in between 10,000 to 50,000 influencers) and celebrities with millions of authentic followers.

The combined amount of sponsored content posted by these three types of influencers from first quarter of 2018 to the initial quarter of 2019 in North America was 150% above than the last year.

Influencers are obsessed with fashion and beauty

Majority of influencers know that the world loves fashion more than anything. They completely realize the fact that fashion brands can help them create more engagement and that is the reason why this has become their top favorite category along with the beauty industry.

To be exact, 308,865 influencers connected to the fashion industry in the past year and the results turned out to be 1.6 million mentions. The beauty industry, on the other hand had 257,218 influencers, which also saw a three times increase in the activity along with 4.8 million mentions by influencers in 2018.
"3.6 million influencers are primarily interested in Hobbies and Activities making it the most popular interest category."

More Options In Formats

Back in 2017, single images accounted for 91% of the influencer postings. But the percentage has dropped significantly to 71% in 2018 because of how videos and carousel posts favor the marketer more. Carousel posts, due to its ability to mix 10 images and videos together, hold 18% of the sponsored content whereas videos alone stand up at 10%.

Disclosures Are Increasing AlongThe report also presented the fact the almost quarter of celebrity influencers in particular are using the #Ad in their posts, a 133% increase in disclosure when compared with 2017.

In such less time, Instagram has been able to single handedly dominate the influencer brand engagement. Although Facebook still has more number of users, but Instagram is still more loved by shoppers from around the world.

Who Can Really Take Advantage From This?

It’s time for small-medium businesses or companies who lack the ad budgets, to go for the micro influencers related to your own industry and create an image of your brand with their voice.

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