Facebook Allows Game Publishers to Earn More through Additional Monetization Options

Facebook games will now have more ads as publishers are now given more option for monetization. In-app ‘rewarded video’ ads will be displayed by developers and they will be able to advertise games previews on News Feed.

Facebook has been struggling hard to mark itself in the gaming sector, and a separate gaming tab on the platform is proof of it.

The purpose of it is to provide game developers more opportunities to earn and encourage developing more games. Whereas it could prove to be a treat for gamers but they might have to deal with more ads.

Game developers either on Facebook or off it, have been trying to play sufficient ads on games which will generate monetary benefits for them but also could be annoying for gamers.

Rewarded videos are a clever way to play ads, which in return gives you benefits like extra lives. Rewarded videos were started by Facebook back in 2017, which were for certain game publishers but now all game developers will be able to avail it.

Stats were shown by Facebook to prove that ads are successful if gamers are given incentives in return and their games are not disturbed.

A Facebook-sponsored study found out that 53% of the game developers think that in-app ads raise the in-app purchases.

Game publishers are given another option to advertise through playable ads, allowing users to sample test it on News Feed.

Playable ads were first introduced by Facebook in August, last year and this year they tested the mobile-only Audience Network.

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