Clothing brand breached Wikipedia Terms to get on Top of Google Images

The photos of Wikipedia are replaced with the shot of sportswear by The North Face (TNF) in a campaign with Leo Burnett Tailor Made to come on top of Google Images results.
North Face tried to feel Wikipedia to get its products to the top of Google search
It is boasted by TNF in its promotional video that Google Search shows the picture from Wikipedia article about a particular destination on Google Images first by the company. The company took benefit from this and took shots of their products on popular location to replace the pictures. In some cases, North Face photo shopped the pictures of Wikipedia by placing their products in it.

The video had showed that how the clothing company hacked the results cleverly by labeling that campaign is collaborated with Wikipedia, although it was not a collaboration. North Face has violated the terms of Wikipedia, due to which the editors of encyclopedia removed the photos and accounts were reported once Ad Age reported it.

Ad Age suggests that the news of TNF's exploitative campaign might help them to achieve their publicity goals, even though it's not the positive one.

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  1. And they need to be penalized as well. Bloody sharks...

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