Instagram is Reportedly Working on a Number of Snapchat-inspired Features!

It looks like in addition to ensuring that users have the best possible experience on the platform, Instagram wants to wipe out the competition that is Snapchat, as well. Recently, it was revealed that a number of new features were being tested and most of those sounded similar to Snapchat features.

Renowned Social Media Apps Developer Jane Manchun Wong shared the screenshots of these exciting features (possibly) coming to Instagram.

The first feature that the Media Sharing Platform is working on is “Explore Filters”. Although much details about the feature haven’t been revealed yet, but many people believe that it will be like Snapchat’s Community Filter option where users can create and submit their own filters. This assumption is further supported by the screenshot provided by Wong where users can get a sneak peak at the new feature in action.

The next feature is also inspired by Snapchat. It is the “AR Effects Explore” option where users will be allowed to try out different effects created and submitted by other users. To avoid clutter, the effects will be divided into different categories such as Selfies, Love, Events, Camera Styles and a few others.

Moreover, to make things easier, while trying out an effect of a particular category, users will be easily able to flip through other effects within the same category in a matter of milliseconds with the help of the convenient dial-like UI of Stories camera.

Although this feature will make Instagram more fun to use, many people have pointed out that it isn’t original and the media sharing service is big enough to come up with something creative instead of incorporating Snapchat features. Regardless, time will tell how well the feature sits with Instagram users.

The last feature that is reportedly in development will allow users to “Invite Friends by Messenger”. This is a further proof that Facebook is slowly working towards combining the 3 messaging platforms (Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram). The option to invite by WhatsApp was already available but it will be interesting to see how associating it with Messenger would work.

Long story short, the fact that Instagram is constantly looking for ways to stay relevant is recommendable but as long as the features don’t get added successfully, nothing could be said. We will keep you updated regarding any development in this story.

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Featured Photo: Thomas Trutschel Photothek / Getty Images


  1. All that $$ and talent with no creativity or originality to create something new on your own. If we can not purchase the company, we will rip off its features. Not sure to lmao or smh...

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