7 Video Trends That Will Dominate In 2019 and Beyond (infographic)

Videos are everywhere. From your social media feed to YouTube, we consume a lot of videos every day so much so that 80% of all internet traffic will come from videos by 2021. With every social platform introducing new video focused features and creating video becomes less expensive, businesses can take advantage of videos and show their products in action. Video also help with developing better understanding of products and services amongst your target audience.

Moreover, video is also a great tool for keeping your audience engaged, a feat which is difficult to achieve for digital marketers. Digital marketers have started using videos in innovative ways and it has helped them increase their sales too.

Branex recently published an infographic that highlights some of the biggest video trends that will make waves in 2019 and beyond. In this article, we will discuss all these video trends in detail to give you a better idea about where the world of video is heading.

Live Q&A and AMA

With every social network launching their live video feature, live video will take off. More and more brands will use live videos to broadcast their events or giving product demos. Popular brands with a large fan base on social media will also use it for answering user’s questions. This means that we will see more live question and answer sessions, live “Ask Me Anything” sessions and interviews from industry leaders. This will provide users with solution to their problems. This increases customer satisfaction and make them feel more important as brands entertain their questions and provide satisfactory answers to their questions.

VR Ready Videos

Virtual Reality is one technology that has blurred the lines between real world and virtual world. With VR headset flooding market shelves and getting cheaper, VR adoption has increased. Advancement in VR technology has opened new avenues for VR application. We will see more VR ready videos make it to our screens. With our smart-phones capable of playing VR videos with a VR headset, you will be able to enjoy VR videos on the move. It provides a more immersive video experience than any other video type and brands know that. They will use it as a tool to keep their target audience engaged.

360 Degree Videos

Want to give your target audience a complete perspective and 360 view of products? Use 360 degree videos. Just like VR ready videos, 360 degree videos delivers the same immersive experience but it does not do it by adopting the same method as VR video does. It uses a wider field of view to capture 360 degree shot and then show it to users. By giving a 360 degree view of your products with 360 degree video, you can build customer loyalty and can also use it for advertising as well.

YouTube Ads Will Replace TV Ads

With people spending more time online than offline these days, we will see a sharp decline in TV viewership and cable TV subscriptions. The focus will shift toward video streaming services and platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. People will ditch their TV subscription and subscribe for video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu to catch up on their favorite shows or binge watch YouTube. For TV advertisers, that will be a killer blow as TV ads will be replaced by YouTube ads and Netflix ads. Digital advertisers will start using YouTube as a way to grab user’s attention and promote their products and services.

1:1 Videos

To deliver a much more personalized experience and to assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, more brands will create 1:1 videos. It will help brands in nurturing leads and communicate with customers at a personal level by sending personalized video messages. It is much more effective as compared to emails, whitepapers and presentations. Whether you want to deliver content, follow up on an inquiry or deliver support, 1:1 videos can serve all the purposes efficiently.

Rise of Video Courses

Videos are finding new application in academia and more and more people use YouTube for learning. We are also seeing a proliferation of online video courses, both paid and free. Teachers have also started embracing video to supplement their teaching material and help students in understanding complex concepts more easily. On a marketing front, we will see many brands put together paid online courses for educating their targeting audience. These courses will help businesses establish themselves as an authority in their industry. Moreover, it also help them earn additional revenue in the process.

Mobile First Videos

The days when we are only tied to our desktop computers for all our computing needs are long gone. Today, there are more devices than humans, which means that every individual own multiple devices. With plethora of different devices with varying screen resolutions and sizes, it makes it tough for marketers to create content that can be viewed on every device. That is where mobile first video (AKA vertical videos) comes into play. With more people using their mobile devices to consume content, businesses are focusing their attention on creating mobile first video content. This will lead to increase in popularity of full portrait videos.

7 Video Trends That Will Dominate In 2019 and Beyond – Infographic


With smarter mobile devices and access to high speed mobile broadband connectivity, we will see a big shift in the way we consume video content. Most people will watch video on the go on their smart-phones, which will give rise to mobile first videos. TV ads will be replaced by video ads as people spend more time watching online videos than in front of their televisions. Marketers will leverage 360 degree videos and VR ready videos to deliver a more immersive video experience while brands will tackle user queries with Q&A and AMA sessions. Lastly, paid online courses will become more popular.

Which video trend do you think will create the biggest splash in 2019? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section.

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