The State of Content Marketing 2019 (infographic)

The results from 2019's State of Content Marketing survey is here and the findings reveal digital marketers are using 41 percent of their advertising budget on content.

Additionally, in 2017, content marketing was considered an effective strategy. The numbers have now increased and now 96% of advertisers find it useful.

In 2019, a massive 89 percent of marketers felt their content marketing strategy is linked to all other parts of the business, while in 2018, only 45 percent felt the same.

Influencers dropped in popularity but were very effective for those who used them 61 percent say influencers produced rules for them.
"When it comes to where brands distribute content, there were some interesting results on social media. Instagram has pushed out YouTube for 4th place in the social media rankings. Again, dependent on your industry, Instagram could be an amazing tool to visually appeal to your audience. This isn’t the right approach for everyone but certainly for highly visual industries, such as retail and travel brands, this is key.", reveled report. 
These and many more are revealed in the survey.

Check out the infographic below for the trends that dominate the content marketing industry and read the full report here.

The State of Content Marketing 2019 - infographic

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