5 Biggest Mistakes While Operating an Instagram Business Account

These days every business needs a strong online presence and there is no better way to ensure that than to create your company’s account on one of many social media platforms. Luckily, we have many of those today. However, there is one that is proven to be one of the most effective when it comes down to promoting services or products. We are talking about Instagram. Maintaining an Instagram account for one’s business might be highly beneficial, however, it is not as easy as it might seem at first. Therefore, many people tend to make mistakes that might lead to quite the opposite result than what they intended at first. If you want your promotional campaign on this platform to be successful, make sure you check out this list of five biggest mistakes while operating an Instagram business account.

Ignoring the statistics

Owners of Instagram business accounts have an opportunity to check how well their metrics are. For some reason, many of them keep ignoring these numbers and just hope for the best. This is where they make a mistake as tracking the statistics of an account might give them insights about what their followers feel excited about the most. To successfully promote your services online, you will definitely need to know your metrics which you could later apply to a team website builder of some sort.

Not doing a hashtag research

Knowing which hashtags to use is a priceless thing. Basically, you can shape your target audience by using hashtags, make it bigger or more specified, depending on your needs. However, using the most popular hashtags, like, for example, #instagood, will not bring your content to the top, as the number of publications that follow it will be overwhelming. To get the most out of your hashtags make sure, that they are relevant to your business’ niche and your target audience.

Complex account name

The main reason for you to create an Instagram business account is to promote yourself. It means that while you are not that recognizable yet, you barely can allow yourself a long and complex name. Therefore, try to look for something simple and memorable so that your potential followers will be able to find you quickly. Also, think of how you could mention what you do, using just your account’s name.

Poor account’s description

If you are only starting out with your business, it is important that you tell people what you do. The easiest way to ensure that is to make a detailed description of your Instagram account. Tell people who you are, where you are located, what kind of services you provide and do not forget to mention your contact information.

Irregular posting

Lately, Instagram’s policy became quite strict and if you want to get some attention to your brand, you have to be active. Posting once a week is definitely not an option anymore. This way, do not forget to post at least once a day and engage your followers into communication with you in the comment section, this is a great way to ensure that your posts will be offered to a wider audience.

10 Instagram Marketing Mistakes That Could Get You Blacklisted! - infographic
Infographic courtesy of: Yourmarketinglady.

Final thoughts

Some business owners often create Instagram accounts for their brand just because ‘everyone does that’ and they don’t realize that maintaining a successful and engaging account is a hard job to do. Hopefully, after learning about these most common mistakes while operating an Instagram business account, it will be easier for you to avoid them and bring your business to prosperity in no time.
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