YouTube Boasts 2 Billion Monthly Active Users, 250 Million Hours Watched on TV Screens Every Day

YouTube has crossed the 2 billion logged-in viewers per month mark – a milestone that seemed impossible just last year.

At the same time last year, the video-streaming service had reached 1.8 billion monthly logged-in viewers – according to a statement by the company.

CEO YouTube also said viewers spend around 250 million hours on YouTube every day – a significant increase from the 180 million hours recorded in the middle of last year.

The announcement regarding the viewer's count was made on Thursday at the Brandcast in New York. The 4-day event is hosted by various digital media companies to drum up the interest of advertisers.

For several years, YouTube has been struggling with ‘brand safety’ expected by its advertisers. It has also faced scrutiny for copyright content, freedom of speech, and hosting inappropriate video such as the ‘deadly’ footage of the recent Christchurch mosque shooting.

Photo: Xiao Ma / Foursquare

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