Children Who Watch Netflix Only Save Around 400 Hours Of Commercials Yearly

One of the biggest advantages of Netflix is that it saves you from a lot of commercials while watching series or movies.

According to a study conducted by LocalBabysitter, a childcare company, Netflix save 400 hours of commercials for children, in a year.

Another study was conducted a while back in which it was found that children between the ages of 2-11, watch television for 28-32 hours in a week. This study backed the recent study, that Netflix keeps children away from 400 hours of commercials which attract children through toys, candies, and other stuff.

Though Netflix saves time, YouTube still shows ads of products that aim at children only.

As an alternative, Netflix advertises indirectly, by producing toys-based content in the cartoons it shows to children. Licensing deals are made with toy companies, as well as other means to monetize their content are also used.

Despite all this, it is impressive to know that Netflix is saving children from wasting more time and rotting their immature brains with commercials.

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Netflix saves kids from 400 hours of commercials, for better or worse

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