Influencers and Social Media Ads Are Most Effective Marketing Tools

Social media marketing has created a lot of different niches within itself that many people feel like they know best. Certain social media marketing tactics have been proven to be more successful than others, however, and a recent study that was conducted on the efficacy of these tactics and strategies has indicated that social media influencers as well as social ads may be the best ways to get direct sales.

According to Episerver's survey, half of all social media users reported that they have clicked on a product after an influencer talked about it, and about one third of these people ended up buying that product. Social media ads (particularly in Instagram and Facebook feeds) have also seen a comparable level of success, although influencers managed to get the top spot in this regard. As far as social ads are concerned, one third of all social media users that clicked on a social ad ended up making a purchase.

Social media makes a positive impact on brand-customer relationships
"Social media provides a powerful channel where brands and retailers can reinforce experience-driven commerce strategies and advance powerful, personal connections with shoppers.", explained study.
Voice platforms have been lacking behind, however, as users report that substandard security features was their primary reason for not preferring to use this platform. Only about 17% of the 4,500 users that were asked these questions reported that they made several purchases every month from a voice platform. A lack of descriptive product images was also cited as an important reason behind the slow adoption rate of voice platforms.

About twelve percent of the respondents stated that they would check out social media if they want to find a product but don’t really know what they are looking for. About eleven percent stated that they would go to a brand’s website, leaving the level of success that these two platforms are experiencing relatively comparable.

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