The ‘like’ button is easy-to-access on the twttr app but on the verge of extinction on Twitter’s flagship product

On the flagship Twitter app, CEO Jack Dorsey is contemplating to remove the ‘like’ button completely as he and his team feel it may improve the quality of debate on the platform. On the other hand, there is the twttr – Twitter’s prototype app where the same feature is in a test mode with variations. In fact, the ‘like’ feature on twttr will make liking the tweets even easier than before.

As good as this news may be for the Twitteratis, the double standard being played by the company creates quite a confusion for both – the users and the developers behind the micro-blogging company.

On Thursday, the company released the latest version for their prototype app where users simply swipe from right to left in order to like the tweet. Previously, liking with a gesture was only applicable in conversation threads but as of now, the ‘like with a swipe’ will work anywhere including the Home timeline, notifications, and even profile pages.

In non-technical terms, the ‘like’ is a norm feature for the twttr app.

However, the change does seem a little odd as Jack Dorsey has repeatedly claimed his distaste for the ‘like’ and the heart-shaped icon but the company continues to make it more appealing on its other app.

Of course, twttr does not fully develop under Dorsey’s consent. The app is an experiment and a joint collaboration between the users and the development team to test new features for the flagship Twitter app.

Currently, the twttr app is focusing on redesigning the conversation threads. On Twitter, the conversations are quite lengthy and often it is hard to decide who is talking to whom in different posts.

On twttr, however, the threads have a distinct line between the different posts so users can easily distinguish between the conversation starters.

Besides the above-mentioned feature, the twttr app is rolling out several other enhancements to make the users experience more comfortable.

Last August, in an official statement Dorsey announced his intention of redesigning the key elements of the social network including the ‘like’ button the follower counter. His belief was that the ‘like’ button sent the wrong message to the users who may find it as an incentive of a sort.

But the Twitteratis don’t agree with Jack Dorsey’s statement.

Following the news on The Telegraph regarding the ‘like’ button’s exit, the users went into apprehension indicating their favoritism for the heart-shaped icon.

In response, the company calmed its users by releasing a statement that the change is still under talks and no definite plan to remove the ‘like’ button has been established yet.

Nevertheless, the company’s development tactic on both the platform is strange.

What do you think?

Should the ‘like’ button stay on the main Twitter app or you also, find the heart-shaped icon an unnecessary addition?

Let us know your views in the comments section!

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