Twitter Launches 'Twttr' – a Prototype App With Various New Features

In January at CES, Twitter announced the launch of its prototype application, called “twttr”, named on the company’s original name. The application has now been finally rolled out to the first group of testers.

This would let the social media giant try out new experiments without bringing many changes to its existing platform. Twitter with introducing new ideas on this application would be gaining feedback from users, upon which its new features will be developed.

The emphasis of twttr is on trying new conversation design, indented and chat-like shape, and will be introducing various replies format. The conversation thread is displayed simple, and not many details are shown about the tweet, neither any sharing option or engagements are visible in the thread.

In order to improve visual cues for readers, replies in the thread are color-coded. The color of the poster is different from those others replying to it making it easier to distinguish among different contributors, making it easier for others to read.

Features in the prototype app will then may be used to bring changes in the main product like the platform has tries status update fields and used pinned tweets as icebreakers to initiate conversations.

According to Twitter, only a few thousand people, who are preferably English and Japanese speakers will be selected and invited to test the app, instead of calling everyone. These selected has to be the ones following Twitter rules. These testers will be allowed to discuss their opinion on Twitter and no NDA will be applied. Their discussion will let the company gather feedback on a large level.

In the next few days, testers will receive an invitation email, with a link in it. By clicking the link, their participation will be confirmed and they will receive another email invite from Apple Test Flight.

They will then be able to download and use twttr in place of Twitter, the main app. Testers will be able to talk about prototype app sing hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo and an online form could also be used to submit feedback regarding the app.

Twitter still looking for ways to improve its conversations, which has been challenging in terms of following, visual speaking and also increased trolling. The platform has tested hide tweet feature, making reporting process easier.

Launching a new prototype app might not solve all the problems regarding online abuse but the latest design is expected to encourage constructive conversations instead of leading to distraction.

Director of product management, Sara Haider said that the company is aiming at attracting people towards development process. It is about getting the feedback of users in the product changes. The email invite itself says that much of the work is still in progress. The testing app will allow some of the apps whereas, some might disappear.
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