Twitter plans to remove the “like” button from its platform, and social media users are surprised

The founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey recently admitted that he is not very keen about the heart-shaped “like” button and is planning to remove the same in order to improve the quality of debate on the social networking platform.

Yes, you heard it right! The “heart” shaped button that allowed us to like or show appreciation to other user’s tweets will no longer be a part of the Twitter medium, as reported by The Daily Telegraph. The feature joined the “tweet” bandwagon in 2015 as a replacement of the “favorites” – a star-shaped button that enabled users to bookmark the tweets they wish to read later.

Similar to the Twitter’s heart, Facebook and other leading social media services have added different buttons that enabled users to like and show appreciation to other user’s statuses, posts, pictures, and videos. In fact, the “like”, “love”, and “happy” emoji’s are a staple addition of social media.

On the contrary, psychologists suggest that the “appreciating” buttons are one of the major causes of social media addiction. It is especially common amongst youngsters who crave endorsement from their peers and would often delete their posts or media if they do not receive enough “likes” shortly after.

Although, Twitter has not given any significant timeline regarding the abandonment of the “like” button but according to the company’s representative, “the changes would lead to healthy conversation.”

During the past few weeks, Mr. Dorsey had also made several comments regarding the changes Twitter was experimenting in order to make Twitter a healthier platform and reducing misinformation.

Earlier this week, he had also hinted regarding a new option that would enable users to edit tweets while also altering the verification process so that the blue tick would not remain “exclusive” for celebrities and alike.

Here's how Tweeters are reacting on this development:

I’m skeptical of this actually happening, said a twitter user
Source: Twitter / @TaylorLorenz

Twitter is removing the like button in an effort to improve debate on the platform
Image: Owen Williams

Twitter plans to remove the “like” button from its platform, and social media users are angry
Image: JoshButler

Twitter, you ok?   This would be a weird thing to do...
Via: Twitter / MattNavarra

Stay updated with us for more updates on Twitter and the changes it will soon offer the users.

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