Has Twttr Already Overtaken Twitter in terms of Popularity?

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter introduced its experimental app, Twttr. Twttr’s main purpose is to test new features which will eventually be transferred to the main app, if the test run is successful. The best part about the experimental app is that it is available to regular users.

However, now it has started looking like users are enjoying Twttr more than Twitter.

Twitter’s director of product management, Sara Haider, also confirmed it through a tweet that users signed up to Twttr are liking the experimental app, and getting first-hand experience of features under development.

For instance, one new feature, which is currently being tested, is the elimination of every engagement button in conversation threads in order to reduce clutter. The new design will allow users to leave a like on a conversation, by simply swiping from right to left. In addition to that, tapping a tweet will display the retweet and reply buttons. Not to forget the “labels” which will help in detecting the users involved in a conversation.

Moreover, many other features that are either being tested or have been rolled out to the main app already, are also available on the experimental app.

You are encouraged to apply to join the program but it should be noted that it is only available for iOS as of now and once your application is accepted, you will be expected to use Twttr as the primary Twitter app.
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