US State Attorneys Band Together To Take On Alphabet and Meta CEOs Over Anti-Competitive Ad Bidding Deals

A coalition of US state attorneys recently filed an antitrust complaint against Google, stating that the company is in cahoots with Facebook over a particular project named “Jedi Blue”.

At this point, I honestly think that either all massive companies and conglomerates are constantly besieged by lawsuits (which is never a bad thing, have at ‘em), or that Meta and Alphabet have decided to take on as many as possible for a bet or something. Meta has been dealt a class action lawsuit in the UK not even a few days ago, and is now dealing with an entire coalition of attorneys stating that it’s illicitly partnering with Google. Yikes is the first word that jumps to mind when I think of this, with the following phrase being “well, it’s Meta after all, why would I expect any better?” Also, to focus this entire arrangement squarely on the social media conglomerate would do a massive disservice to the company implicated by this anti-trust complaint in the first place: Alphabet, would you please take the stage?

The attorneys, led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, revealed that the Jedi Blue deal was approved of by the highest echelons of individuals across the company, specifically implicating Alphabet CEO Sundar Picahi, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg in the process. Such accusations were presented with a series of leaked memos, emails, and other such documents that were submitted as proof. While the names of these three individuals were redacted from the documents, those very documents also go on to mention them by their official positions, so maybe the editor wasn’t the most scrupulous of individuals, eh?
But what even is Jedi Blue, and why is it worth all of this hassle? Well, the Jedi Blue deal was a deal that Facebook and Google made in the interest of providing the former’s Facebook Audience Network access to open bidding for ads. This was even openly mentioned by the likes of Google and Meta’s higher-ups. However, what was not brought attention to is the alleged fact that apparently Jedi Blue also gave Facebook concessions in the interest of allowing it better chances and opportunities at out-bidding, therefore robbing other companies and partners of the ability to compete.

As of yet, no official hearings have been called, but Google has obviously denied any statements of Sundar Pichai being involved in the matters. Meta has yet to comment.

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