Here’s the list of best workplaces in 2022, including, NVIDIA, HubSpot and Google

A website “Glassdoor” identifies the top 100 places to work for. It also declares the most productive employers of the giant tech companies and the small businesses.

Let’s take a look at how the website makes a list? It came out on the feedback. A website that allows its researchers to anonymously review different companies on some particular factors, check their salary packages, chances of improvement, growth, career opportunities, and work-life balance, and the companies which are up to the mark they are highly ranked. During the research, they choose companies that have more than 1000 employees. But the notable point is how this information would help others. In the 2020 pandemic, almost all persons find different online jobs, but they didn’t find the right one for themselves. So, the list is based on data from almost one year from the last quarter of 2020 till the last quarter of 2021. It will help potential job seekers whether this company has suitable packages according to their abilities or not.

The CEO of the website says that three factors are the base of any corporation that takes it from lower level to upper: a strong and clear vision, senior leadership, and having the ability to invest in employee’s career development, which is indirectly beneficial for it in the long run. With the help of the reviews, job seekers know about the ten companies who made the best contribution in the worst circumstances (COVID 19) when all companies back off. Most of them are tech industries, finance-related, retail, and manufacturing companies. Some of them are NVIDIA, Google, Brain & company.

When talking about NVIDIA as a “best graphic chip maker,” headquarters is in California. Its employees are very satisfied with its coordination. The company made easier navigation for their workers, which is highly appreciated, and this thing helped bring it to the top with the 4.6 stars rating.

Now the consultancy company, mostly from “Boston,” comes with a rating of 4.6 and then ends up with the lending and retail industries with 4.5 star ratings. For further information, readers can check out the posted list.

Some of the companies come last in the top 100, like “Meta” due to last year’s loss in shares and the Zoom, but you cannot neglect it because they are still in the top hundred list, and they have the potential to come back and set their rank in the shortlist of top 10.

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