Pinterest claims that men are far more shopaholic than women and would splurge more in 2022

The whole world says this about women that they are a shopaholic but Pinterest seems to disagree. They believe that men are more shopaholic than women. In a recent published report from the idea generator app, it shows that men splurge more than women do.

According to the report, based on Talkshoppe data, Pinterest claims that in 2022 men are planning to spend more money on shopping than their female counterparts. They are actively thinking about what to purchase and from where to buy. For all such men Pinterest happens to be the perfect place to come, shop and search for ideas.

Pinterest claims that the men in the age bracket (25 to 42 years old) are the platform’s fastest growing demographic, and that they are happy to make this connection with the millennial generation. Pinterest is a place from where men from all race of life come and take inspiration from. Whether a father looking for ideas to decorate a room, or simply some young guy looking for outfit ideas.

According to the Talkshoppe and Pinterest study in 2022 more than 75% of men (who participated in research) want to spend more money to achieve their dreams. This dream consists of their lifelong big and small desires. Like fine dining, finding a better job, being better in personal life, new and better places to live with family, even such small dreams like to spend more time with their childhood friends.

Some dreams were basic with 55 percent wanting to see more movies in theaters, 50 percent wanted to have more parties at home and even some men looking into more ways to spend time with their families (60%).

In a blog post on Thursday, Pinterest also said that men are brand conscious more than women. They can spend more on those brands on which they can trust easily. They do shopping in very different ways in comparison to the other gender.

Pinterest shares 3 key points for those sellers who want to keep men as their targeted buyers.

First point is that most of the men are premium shoppers, they spend a lot on brands on which they trust and they pay full price for their favorite items instead of waiting for sales.

Second point for sellers is men are the best researchers when purchasing anything they want and last but not the least. According to the Pinterest study, men like personalized items very much; and they always want to spend on such things which intrigue them.

Hence men are super and choosy shoppers, as they are always ready to spend more on the things they like.

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