Meta Has Recently Published An Infographic Asking Sellers On Its Platform To Adhere To Relevant Policies

Meta has recently published a graphic, reminding marketers of the policies it has in place for e-commerce and online shopping using any of the company’s social media platforms.

The company formerly known as Facebook has made quite the rounds attempting to establish and supplement online transactions on the platform. Honestly, it makes perfect sense, online merchants and platforms such as Facebook Marketplace account for both a lot of money on the platform and provide a lot of the user interaction that makes social media platforms flourish. Meta’s also been exploring newer and newer avenues in order to improve e-commerce on the platform. Facebook’s been looking into integrating AR technology with online purchases, allowing users to try products on before purchasing them. Instagram’s added in multiple purchasing features, such as linking products in pictures, or allowing creators on the platform to sell their own merchandise and branded content. WhatsApp’s built entire features for business accounts, allowing startups to more easily engage in customer service. Of all the features and add-ons that Meta keeps experimenting with, which have been a lot, e-commerce is something that’s doing very well for itself across all social media platforms that it owns.

The policies that Meta has set aside for sellers on the platform are generally defined under the umbrella term of Commerce Policies. These pertain to all sales that fall under Meta's different outlets, i.e. Marketplace, WhatsApp, Shops, and Product Catalogues. Furthermore, the infographic specifies that other sets of policies may also apply to sellers operating on such platforms. Commercial Terms, for example, apply to all examples of these platforms being used for marketing or business purposes. Merchant Agreements to sellers setting up shop in Marketplace or by using Commerce Manager. Advertising Policies apply to any and all ads that are sold on Meta's platforms, and should be familiarized with by more than just sellers.

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