Study Reveals The Amount Of Resources You Need To Acquire A New Apple Smartphone, In India And Philippines It May Take Up to 7 Weeks Of Work To Buy A New iPhone

Apple has been at the trademark of technology in the United States and across the globe for almost over a decade and has landed its mark in mobile phone technologies with its bi annual flagship product, iPhone, release. Recently launching the iPhone 13 and its supplementary versions named as iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max, Apple has decided to touch new boundaries and with over as many countries as possible.

The selling price in the United States equates to around $1000 for the base version provision of taxes and levying advancement of features. However, the situation is not the same throughout the world as iPhone worth a $1000 dollars can escalate up to 200% at an estimated cost of $2100 in many countries as a report Money Supermarket indicates for the time and money it costs for the new iPhones to reach countries where it is considered not a necessity but always a luxury proving troublesome with taxes, customs and clearance paving way to at least a 3 month wait since purchase to get your hands on the device.

However, in some countries the price of the iPhone is lower than the one in the United States acting as base, but it is paired with low working wages and working equally or more harder than everywhere else to earn the money to purchase an iPhone. The report presents the finding in an extremely comprehensive way and nourishes on the facts of the extensiveness.

A previous research in regards to the proportion of average wage and amount worked, Brazil came in as the hardest to buy as it takes an average wager to go around for 86 days earning to get an iPhone costing an estimate of $1500 for the individual. However, a new research indicates that even though the iPhone is cheaper by about $500 at a price of $1025 in the Philippines, it is even harder than Brazil for an average wager to purchase the Apple flagship phone as the person would have to work almost around 100 hours to purchase just the base phone.
In India and Philippines it may take up to seven weeks of work to buy a new iPhone.

On the top of the list was Hong Kong where an average wager can get the $827 iPhone within 7 days of earning. With every city, country and region lying in the midst it is not surprising that many take on these ventures for more than six to seven months just to get the iPhone as with average wage, they are to equate their own wellbeing, therefore doubling or tripling the amount of time required for buying the iPhone.
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