Apple's Journey Towards Becoming The Profit Powerhouse It Is Today

A look at Apple's generated revenue for the fiscal year of 2021 only adds more and more cement upon the company's near-ludicrous success in the 21st century.

Apple just keeps on winning. An entire pandemic did barely anything to the company's overall revenue stream, and 2021 proves just how hard the tech giant managed to bounce back. In fact, while we tend to talk a lot about Apple's current success, it's actually been a monetary powerhouse ever since the early 2000's. Market analyzer and statistics producer Statista even made an entire report on the subject matter, displaying just how successful Apple has been over the years. And now it's time for us to take a deep dive and analyze Apple's generated revenue over the years.

Back in the 2000's, Apple was mostly known for making computers and the like. The company was well off, but far from the household name it is today. It was also in 2001 that Apple launched the iPod, which is what started putting the company on the map. While definitely a popular product, the iPad's early success still couldn't have foreshadowed what was to come. Revenue generated was still over a billion USD, and would start to skyrocket soon after the company's shifting of their Macs to support Intel. This announcement, which was made back in 2005, actively held propel one of their oldest products into huge success. Suddenly, Apple was no longer just a maker of niche tech products. It had stepped into the commercial.

If the Mac's transition to Intel was a much needed breath of fresh air, then the iPhone's introduction was a jog through the park. With the first iPhone launching 2007, Apple managed to successfully tap into one of the most lucrative tech markets in the world: smartphones. And the rest, as this author is positive their audience is aware of, history. From there on, iPhones would carry the brunt of Apple's success, with other products doing very well in their own right. 2010 saw the launch of iPads, and by 2015, the year the Apple Watch was released to a decidedly lukewarm initial reception, the company was generating nearly USD $250 billion each FY.

As it stands now, Apple has generated USD $64 billion in FY 2021, and we haven't even wrapped up Q4 yet. Apple's made the Fortune 500 list in 2019, and was mentioned as one of the 25 companies to post annual profits of over USD $10 billion. What's even more impressive is that the company's done this for 13 consecutive quarters. Success is ladder, and this is definitive proof that Apple owns the rungs used to make it.

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