Report, Apple is still leading as the utmost intimate brand during the pandemic for consecutive two years

Brand intimacy is considered as the emotional bonding between the consumers and the company, and Apple has successfully maintained such a level of intimacy for consecutive two years during the pandemic situation. The company is gaining reputation consistently across the world and its customers are showing strong loyalty too. MBLM has published this report as the “Brand Intimacy report 2021” in the COVID-19 situation, however, it also issued the report about a year ago in which Apple was also ranked 1st. As per the 2021 report, many famous companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Toyota, and Wal-Mart are also among the top 10 brands. However, 3 new contestants have also come in including Target, Costco, and Harley-Davidson.

The strong relationship of Apple with its customers show that the company is selling beyond just a product, as it is also giving much priority to customers’ satisfaction as well. The company has enlarged strength in various crucial measures, which proves its supremacy and aptitude to maintain a solid emotional affiliation. The study further concludes that the company is the upmost brand for people of all age groups. Millennial outlined 3 media & entertainment trademarks from the 5 best. However, the age groups among 35-64 have extra varied tilts.

Intimate companies’ performance has improved with an average of 7% from the beginning of the pandemic. The data further shows that the percentage of the intimacy level of customers has augmented up to 31% during the lockdown situation. 21% of customers are ready to pay 20% extra price to bond with their preferred brands. The utmost intimate brands are consistently overtaking and due to the upsurge in their stock price, they saw an extra profit of 16 Billion Dollars.

Apple Company and Disney are among the top brands of people having an income level from 35 Thousand Dollars to 150 Thousand Dollars. The people having such pay level outlined companies related to tech, media & entertainment, etc. While appraising the top 5 companies, the Cupertino Co. is the merely one that both males and females highlighted as the utmost intimate. Males most give preference to tech and entertainment. However, females give value to varied industries. The overall study concludes that if brands have a solid occurrence on the smartphones of users, then they can easily extend their emotional affiliations with their users. Purell is also among the top used brands during the lockdown times.

This MBLM’s report was prepared after assessing the personal experience of more than three thousand customers with their preferred brands in America.

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