The launch of the latest iPhone 13 fails to grab as much online attention as its ancestor iPhones did

Whenever Apple launches the new series of iPhone, it grabs much attention from people across the world. When Apple made an announcement to launch iPhone 12 the last year, many people became excited to buy such a smartphone. But not as much interested as they were when the company introduced iPhone 5 and 5s in 2012. Even though Apple became the best-selling smartphone brand in the world after the launch of the iPhone 12and the company earned massive revenue. But still, the search interest of people on Google is decreasing with every new launch. Apple has recently launched iPhone 13, including the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max series as well. There were also much gossips regarding the launch of the latest iPhone model. But it looks like the people are not enthusiastic about the launch of the new iPhone and the major reason could be almost the same design and the lack of innovation.

The data from Google Trends and compiled by Statista shows that the launch event of the latest Apple smartphone also failed to create much excitement. It may be possible that pandemic affected this event; therefore, it has failed to grasp the consideration of people. But the chart shows that the enthusiasm level has been continuously diminishing since the launch of the iPhone 5. Maybe people are a bit disappointed with the high prices and the low level of improvement. However, the Profit & Loss Statement of the Apple Company shows that the revenue is still going up without having any obstacles. And the market capitalization of the company has exceeded over 2 Trillion Dollars. Google recently gave the data regarding the search interest of ‘iPhone’ on its search engine from 2007 to 2021.

The number in the chart signifies the search interest of the people around the world. The interest level of people started to rise from 2007 and it reached the highest level of 100 when Apple Company launched the iPhone 5. But that search interest level has never touched again. When the iPhone 6 was launched, the interest level of people could reach about 90 and that was the second-highest number. Recently, after the announcement of the iPhone 13, it could only touch the 55 number.

These figures can be worrisome for the company because people are not getting enthusiastic about every new launch. It may also be possible that other smartphone brands are offering the more innovative product at affordable prices.

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