iPhone 13 prices surge all over the globe, indicating Brazil and Turkey to be the most expensive zones

Do you want to buy the iPhone 13 that Apple has launched recently? Here's a little tip for; buy it in the US. As an introductory gift by Apple itself, it offered up low prices to the US, followed by Hong Kong. However, along with it comes Brazil's saddening discovery because of it's high price. Both these are seen to be either Apple's disfavored duo or simply God's disfavored.

This recent report published by Nukeni consists of countries inclusive and exclusive of taxes. The report shows how expensive or cheap the iPhone 13 is available in different countries. While Brazil has been listed as the most costly because of the massive rate of the dollar in the country, it also is claimed that in reality, Turkey exceeds those costs in some areas. In Brazil, since the dollar is higher, people there are pretty used to higher prices but it should be noted that this year around, even with skyrocketing prices, the rates are actually around a hundred bucks lower than the last time.

The iPhone 13 mini 128GB is the cheapest amongst the lot. In the US, it only costs about $729, being a rather convenient choice for most users if you're into mini phones. The most expensive one here is found in Turkey, with the price of a hefty $1301.56, followed by Brazil.

When talking about the regular iPhone 13 128GB, it is the most expensive in Brazil ($1446.57) and Turkey ($1419.90) with a mere difference of $26.67. Although these are expensive than the minis, they are more in demand hence it's understandable how the iPhone 13 already is popular in the US where it now costs only $829.

While these can be considered in one's range, both the extremes, the Pro and Pro Max have prices breaking through the ceiling. These skyrocketing prices include the cheapest iPhone 13 Pro at $999.00 in the US and the most expensive at $1893.24 in Turkey. The iPhone pro max has the cheapest set at $1099.00, while the most expensive lies at $2129.9 in Turkey.

This simply concludes that there are certain countries you want to avoid including Sweden, Norway, and Hungary. The two most expensive countries, Brazil and Turkey, need to be avoided nevertheless. You should ring up the US if you want to buy the new iPhone 13.

We believe iPhones are excessively expensive as the years pass, which explains how Apple is the second best tech brand.

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