TikTok surveys to find out the best way to promote brands on the social network

TikTok has been the most popular social media application since 2020 and has not disappointed its users since then. TikTok always comes up with better engagement ideas which unveils extraordinary opportunities for its users to create the best content and promote the application in more than one ways.

Despite being the best social media platform TikTok is far from perfect. One of which being the advertisement department which doesn't quite works with TikTok's algorithm and has been affected by it the most. TikTok recently updated the application to full screen vertical mode for better graphics and engagement and it proved to be the best version of application but it subsided the advertisements. The users can easily swipe through the ad without any complications which leads to an unsuccessful attempt at promoting any brand.

TikTok decided to learn more about the situation and partnered with a marketing research firm to conduct a survey which included 343 representatives to run a series of advertisements and determine engagement and feedback compared to other applications. TikTok unveiled the entire process of the survey and stated that all the participants skimmed through TikToks as well as other social media platforms at an expected rate and they were allowed to swipe through the advertisement without any issue and continue exploring as usual.

The marketing firm, MediaSciences then tried to get a more precise report on the matter and used a heart rate tracking, eye monitoring device along with GSR technology to calculate each movement of the participant watching advertisements and determine whether

TikTok advertisements works or not. The survey showed that advertisements presented by TikTok were working great even with restricted views, all the ads that were of 6 or less than 6 seconds delivered 38% of the recall compared to the ads that were of 20 seconds or more than that.

This report confirmed that TikTok users engage with advertisements more since they have less time to acknowledge all the information they focus more which results in much better engagement towards advertisements than any other social media platform. Not only that, advertisements on TikTok also attract users physiologically and it makes an impact on the user in less time than others which results in more brand messaging.

TikTok aligns its advertisements with other content appearing on the feed and all the brands that promote their businesses in TikTok's traditional style receive more attention than others. There is no specific report about how the sales of the brands were affected by ads but it also depends on the approach, businesses can really benefit from TikTok if promoted according to the audience on TikTok.

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