YouTube tests a new option that enables users to skip chapters (both forward and backward) in the video easily, just by using two-finger double-tap

The main aim of YouTube is always to bring some exciting features for people so that it can increase engagement, as in recent times it presented a new motion to scrub video content as conveniently as never before. As per the expectation, the platform is bringing the addition to the preceding scrub option as it has recently rolled out a new ahead or backward option to quickly pass over chapters with the help of a two-finger double-tap input. For those who do not know about the chapters, these are actually different segments in the video content that allows the people to view its name and some extra details mentioned by the creators.

One thing should be kept in mind that this feature will only be usable if the video detail is containing these sections. If the people want to go to the subsequent section of the video content, they can tap two times on the right side of the video screen. To go to the prior section, people need to tap two times on the leftward part of screen. Users can get a better experience of this latest option if they are watching videos in landscape mode; however, if users are watching in vertical mode, then they require few additional precisions. A user of Reddit forum pointed out this feature for the very first time and AndroidPolice first reported about it. Soon all Android, as well as iOS users, will be able to use this latest option.

This latest option is presumably the portion of server-wide launch so users can enjoy this possibility gradually. To try out the latest option, people will have to touch and hold on the video screen, then move forward or reverse the finger to get to the next chapter. The giant video platform will also present a little thumbnail of the content that you have just skipped, so that will reach you to the favorite part of the video content as easily as possible. Before that, users had to use the double-tap to skip ten seconds of the video content, now they can use two fingers. This option is now available in Android beta 16.31.35 but still, it is not sure that whether it is linked to the prior scrubbing video feature or not. YouTube is now focusing more on gestures so that users can get the best experience while watching videos on its platform.

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