Data shows 'People Also Ask' and 'Local Listings' are the most popular features on Google search results

Eric Enge, an SEO consultant, has recently shared a chart based on SEOClarity data about the most famous SERP features of Google. This data is based on a sampling of 2.5 Million search queries led right on 29 July this year. Among all other SERP features, "People Also Ask" (PAA) ranks at the top of the list with an occurrence rate of 48.4 percent. This feature is at the top of the list for a reason as this gives the answers to the most common questions of millions of people every day, not only that this feature is also important for content creators and web publishers as well because their audience ask many questions and it becomes their responsibility to answer to those questions that they can get from PAA. This feature extracts the answer through a web page and the search giant also attach the link of the sources.

Local Listing has maintained the second rank on the list, this feature is designed like a map and it shows the places according to the search queries of people and it also shows the three-point list of businesses with data like name, address, and their contact numbers, as this feature really helps the people while searching for a local service online. The occurrence of Local Pack is 32.84%.

People are also curious about the most popular products that are useful for everyone. Therefore “Popular Product” is at the third number, however, the popularity of this feature is more than half of the first two features but still it the third most admired SERP feature, the occurrence ratio of Popular Product feature is 12.33%. Images and Videos are also one of the most used features, so the percentage of their occurrence is 10.77% and 7.6%. Featured Snippet or Answer Box is the sixth most popular feature with a percentage of 6.82%.

People also search queries related to jobs as it is also one of the most used features but its popularity is nearly half than Featured Snippet. The popularity of the Flight is quite equal to Jobs as its occurrence is 3.1%. While, Twitter, Maps, and News have 1.42%, 1.36%, and 1.20% occurrence rate in the analysis.

It looks like people are not much interested in searching about events-related queries therefore it could not even make up to 1%, so it is sitting at 0.09%.

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