YouTube Expands Its Video Chapters Feature To All Desktop, Android and iOS Users

YouTube is rolling out its video chapters feature on smartphones, tablets as well as desktop. The feature was initially tested in April. These Chapters make it convenient for you to skip to precisely where you want to go in a video.

For desktop users, the video with chapters will be that different from how videos have looked before. Little transparent breaks have been added into the bar which displays the progress of a video. These transparent breaks indicate where a chapter begins and ends. When a user scrubs over a section, they see the title of the chapter.

The feature works the same way on Android as well as iOS apps. You might wonder that your finger will get in the way of viewing where a specific chapter is. To address this issue, the app will prompt a haptic buzz when a user has arrived at a new chapter.

There is no limit on which video content chapters can be applied or which content creators can access the new feature. However, these video chapters cannot be applied automatically to every video as this feature is not powered by Google machine learning.

The new video chapters feature relies on the uploader/creator to put timestamps as well as the title of the chapter. A video must contain at least 3 timestamps that are longer than ten seconds. YouTube will remind the content creators to include chapters while uploading the video.

The company is planning to apply the chapters feature on YouTube Original content. However, a company spokesperson informed media outlets that chapters will not be features to paid movie rentals at its release. The feature will help you to skip to the next step of any video conveniently.

A UX designer at YouTube, Robert Thompson, and the product manager at YouTube, Matt Darby stated that YouTube’s teams actually went to homes of people to research how a person interacts with YouTube videos. YouTube is also working to develop a set of keyboard shortcuts as well as bringing gestures to navigate between various chapters to smartphones. However, both of these options are still in development phase.

YouTube is currently releasing the feature on mobile and desktop but plans to bring the feature to set-top boxes as well as gaming consoles.

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