Instagram will now enable Reels creators to search for the audio of their choice

Instagram is following TikTok's lead with its new feature Reels. Although we did expect the layout to be similar, we anticipated Instagram to add its own touch however it seems the platform is going to blindly follow TikTok's pursuit as seen by its most recent launch. The new update will enable people to search for particular songs and the videos that other people made on that track.

Although the idea isn't original, it will definitely make the whole process a lot easier as users will now be able to search audio snippets freely to incorporate in their Reels. This is especially handy to keep up with trending songs for creators that want to use the short-video part of the platform to succeed.

The process to look for these snippets is equally simple. Just go to the explore tab and tap the search bar. Next, tap the audio tab and begin your search. Similar to TikTok, the tracks assigned to that particular audio will be listed and when you tap on it, you will be presented with the videos made on that snippet.

This update isn't the first time Instagram has picked up a minor TikTok detail to enhance its own TikTok competitor. Earlier this month, Instagram announced that Reels can now be twice as long when it hadn't even been that long after TikTok's announcement of 3-minute videos instead of the traditional 1-minute ones.

Instagram has been focusing on its short-video corner for some while now, seeing how it presented ways to tackle the Reels algorithm earlier this week. It presented ways to maximize your reach, how each video you see is brought to you, and the limitations that decrease the reach of your videos. They were pretty similar to those of the regular Instagram posts however there was a strong emphasis on staying miles away from anything controversial or political. Instagram even went ahead to claim that no political personality will be entertained for long on the platform even when they do not engage in any such activities.

It seems like Instagram isn't the only one being influenced by TikTok's vibrant persona in the social media world. TikTok's recent announcement to incorporate stories that disappear after 24 hours show that both the platforms have been copying each other well. Well, while we do crave some originality, it isn't bad to see both the platforms widening their reach.

Since it has only been a year since the launch of Reels, it is good news for creators familiar with both Instagram and TikTok to incorporate their knowledge and skills acquired from both the platforms to create wonders on this one. Because of its recent launch, creators using the right resources will be able to reach the peak in an instance.

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