Data shows, TikTok has taken the 1st position in terms of most downloaded apps globally, after defeating Facebook and its subsidiaries

There is no doubt that TikTok has gained humongous popularity just in few years after its launch. Everyone can get the idea of huge admiration of this platform after knowing the fact that it is now competing with many biggest social media platforms in the world such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most importantly, many social media applications are inspired by the ideas of TikTok and they are trying to copy such creativity, for instance, Instagram introduced the Reel content similar to the 15-sec videos of TikTok. That is the main reason; it has become the number 1 downloaded application across the world.

As the business journal, Nikkei Asia stated that this platform was at the fourth number in 2019, and just after one year, this platform jumped from the 4th to the 1st position in terms of downloads in 2020. Despite the bans in various countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the USA, the platform succeeded to maintain its progress. However, this is absolutely not good news for the platforms like Facebook because the dramatic growth of TikTok hugely impacted the Facebook-owned platforms. Facebook maintained its second position in both years, whereas, its owned apps could not. Messenger was the number 1 downloaded application across the globe during 2019, and just after one year that app went down to 5th rank.

Asian Journal also gave some astonishing facts that not only TikTok grabbed the first rank worldwide but its Chinese form of the app also showed supremacy over the other Chinese applications. If we talk about Asia, not including China, the platform secured the 2nd position, and Facebook grabbed the 1stposition. The country of India banned almost two hundred applications due to security reasons during the prior year and TikTok was one of them but its short-form video content is continuing to fascinate most of the people around the world as many people of India and Pakistan are still using this application through VPNs.

The marketing executive of App Annie published the data that aggregate watch time of the platform’s video content even surpassed the watch time of YouTube videos both in America, and the United Kingdom. However, out of the ten highest installed applications worldwide, 7 applications are US-based 4 of them are Facebook owned-platforms. Only 2 applications in the list are made in China as Likee retained the 8th position but still, that is higher than Twitter and Pinterest. The Russian application Telegram is at the 7th number in the list in 2020.
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