YouTube on mobile is testing a new gesture to scrub videos quickly

YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world that always tries to bring different features for the convenience of the people so that they can enjoy watching videos. Previously, many users may know that the mobile version of the platform enables users to tap anyplace in seek bar to skip any part of the video content. People really liked that feature because they did not have to view the entire video, simple they can watch any part of the video they like. Now, skipping to the stimulating part of the video content will be much effortless in the mobile application of YouTube. The platform is now testing the drag and hold motion for a quick scrub over the video.

At present, people can double-tap either the right side or the left side of the video to forward or reverse it with a 10-sec increase. and further, they can dig up and down to exit the video content. The latest gesture will also enable the people to forward or backward the video content up to their favorite part. This upcoming gesture was highlighted by a Reddit user for the first time that the platform is unveiling the latest slide to pursue a gesture that will allow people to navigate the video content effortlessly. However, this gesture is still available to limited users at this phase. One person even said that this gesture is also working on his mobile with YouTube version 16.31.35.

It will be available to all the users soon in the latest version. This may be the slice of server-side apprise or “User Interface” tests. The platform will show the option of slider left to right on the top side of the video content player. Usage of this new gesture will be much convenient for the users as they can just long-press any part of the video content and then pull the finger on the screen

So far, many people are unable to see this latest option on their smartphones, but the good thing is it is easy to trigger. A few users on Reddit also said that they have seen working this option on iOS devices too. This shows that this will be launched on account by account basis. The actual post is highlighting that users have been experiencing this option since their latest download of the app bet version 16.31.34.For those people who are excited to try out this new gesture, they need to quickly download the latest version of the app from Play Store.

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