Zoom is adding new features including vanishing pen, new set of emojis and much more to make the video call experience user friendly

After a gigantic 370% increase in its revenue, Zoom is planning to introduce some more new features to make the video calling platform more fun to use during the presentations. The video calling giant aims to boost the communication and to make it much more convenient to handle the users on this platform.

One of the major update is the introduction of more emojis in the emoji panel. Initially, the application started off with just 6 of them but now the developers have decided to take the number up to 40 emojis not only this, but the user can also manage and choose a skin tone for their emojis. For those who use this application via their workplaces, in order to be able to use these emojis, the account owner of that Zoom account will be required to enable the emoji set and it will only be a one time download.

Another very cool yet very much needed update is the introduction to a vanishing pen. During any presentation, the speaker uses the simple pen to highlight different texts and objects to grab more attention on those things, but later the speaker used to erase those markings before moving forward to the next slide. With this new vanishing pen, the markings will vanish themselves after some time. This will help the speaker to keep a hold of the audience’s attention instead of letting it go while erasing the markings. This new feature will be available for Zoom Webinar as well.

For those, who prefer using Zoom on their Tablets, Zoom has decided to add a Whiteboard board auto shape feature. Just like auto correct that changes the word to the possible similar word, this auto shape feature will assist the speaker by correcting the annotations to the required shapes and will make the meeting more smooth , well organized and professional.

Not only this, but the Social media giant Facebook has also showed its support towards Zoom on the Portal TV. With this, Zoom app will be accessible through that screen as well and can easily get in contact with working partners, family and friends. The user’s manager can now also be able to appear through an employee’s Zoom account after being added by the Zoom account owner and the admin. It is a manual process and can also be done automatically with the help of SSO SAML Mapping. For those who are interested in this feature needs to contact Zoom support or should get in touch with their CSM for assisting them. Lastly, Zoom can now help many organizations by making them to communicate even at the state of any ongoing crises. This can be done through Informacast which will let Zoom to be able to hold a large number of notifications so the Zoom phone customers can be kept updated about any crises event and can take action to protect their stake holders on time.

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