An internal Facebook memo shows the company’s plan to normalize the news of massive data leakage of its users

There are some strong allegations on Facebook about the negligence of data of millions of users due to which the hacker exposed the data of around 533 million users one of which belongs to the Chief Executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the data includes the usernames, date of birth, ID, passwords, etc. Everyone was allowed to check this leaked information which also includes the phone number and other personal data. However, Facebook is planning to defend these allegations as the recent PR memo shows the strategy of the company to normalize the news and criticism of data obtained through scrapping.

One paragraph from the memo highlighted the long-term PR plans of Facebook for dealing with the data of users being scraped and leaked online. It says the company should standardize the fact that this is a regular activity. It was also written in this memo that we are not planning to give further statements on this issue and it is expected that more scrapping incidents can happen in the future. The team of Facebook is suggesting the continuation post in the coming weeks that will discuss the anti-scrapping work of the platform and will provide the details about the transparency of work that Facebook is doing to stop these activities in the future as it is the priority of the Facebook to protect the data of its users.

The team hopes that this will help to avoid the huge criticism that Facebook is currently receiving from all over the world that the platform is not at all transparent about this incident. The memo was delivered to a Belgian tech news site named Datanews, which is proposed for Facebook’s European, Africa, and Middle East PR team. And the spokesperson of Facebook has confirmed the genuineness of this memo. The spokesperson further said that we are trying to educate our users about the data scrapping and we admit the flaws from our side due to which people have concerns but Facebook is continuously working on strengthening the system to make scrapping more difficult without permission. This memo was five days after the report of insider.

Facebook wants to normalize the data hacks by saying that this leakage was the result of data scrapping rather than hack and it will not highlight the specific person whose data has been exposed online. The data protection commission of Ireland has launched an investigation that whether the company has breached the EU laws.

Photo: Stephen Lam / Reuters

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