Instagram is testing a new feature which will allow link posting on Stories

Once again Matt Navarra has taken upon his Twitter page and posted about the upcoming feature to be Introduced by Instagram, which was originally spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi. This new feature will enable the users to open the links as currently, the links being posted on Instagram story are not accessible and are sometimes referred as dead. But now it seems like Instagram has finally decided to load this platform with this new feature as well.

Currently, since there is no direct way to share links with the whole feed at the same time other than sending it individually through direct message. The Instagram users use their Instagram bio as a way to make the copied link available. It is also the simplest way to get things done. This link will be available to everyone, even to those who do not follow or whom the users are not following. Anyone who visits the Instagram profile will be able to check the pasted link. However, it has it’s limitation as well. These links are sometimes being updated by different brands running their business through this platform. They update their bio with a link to new stock, however if someone finds something attractive and wants to know more and decides to visit the profile for the available link. But instead the buyer will be disappointed because the link was updated. This is why it is preferred that stories can give an access to links because with highlights being created, the links can easily be saved in an organized manner.

Another step that was introduced by third parties for sharing links was the “link service” , these services were used widely but soon they lost their peak of being popular.

Another common way to promote links is via Instagram captions, that can also be used as a place for short notes that can help to give a brief idea about anything as well as the link for more information can also be pasted. However, soon links will be available via Instagram stories as well, and sharing these links with a larger audience will be easy and beneficial for many users including those who run their businesses on this application.

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