Zoom supported by Facebook Portal TV so meetings can be taken from home

In this time of pandemic physical distance has been an important rule in the whole world. But this physical distancing should not limit us or stop us from doing our work from home and should not stop us from connecting to other people. That’s why Facebook built a Portal which is a hands-free video calling device with high sound definition and high Camera quality. This portal helps us to connect with other people over the world through different apps. The Portal device supports different applications such as BlueJeans, Webex, Zoom on Portal Mini, and Portal+. Now Facebook is adding and going to support Zoom and GoToMeeting on Portal TV so that there an easier way for the connection of people all around the world by sitting at the home.

Although Zoom and GoToMeeting and other apps were already available on Portal Mini and Portal +, this addition of Zoom and GoToMeeting in Facebook Portal TV should make it easier for the people in this COVID situation to connect through the technologies.

According to the reports it is said that the Zoom on the Portal TV helps the user to keep the frame still and perfect all the time. This gives minimum disturbance in the sound quality and gives you the best experience for a video call. It allows you to enjoy tour video calls on a larger screen with ease and allows the users to have a professional video call without and disturbances. The Zoom and GoToMeeting on Facebook Portal TV allow the users to join in the breakout rooms that are made for a smaller group of people. This gives an option of adding virtual backgrounds to your video call and also gives you an option to screen share with other users for better remote collaboration. Zoom on the Portal TV also allows the user to sync their calendars with the Zoom so that they can always stay up to date with their work.

All of these options and functions that are provided by Facebook Portal TV allow the user to have an improved overall experience of video calls at home and allows the user to enjoy the work from home lifestyle and allows the users to attend the meetings peacefully.

Portal TV also added Netflix to its option in October of the last year. Netflix is also added in the Portal + and Portal Mini. In 2019 WhatsApp video calling option was also supported by Portal TV. All of these options are available at reasonable price tags so that everyone can have an improved experience of virtual calls and virtual meetings.

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