These Are The Best Screen Recorders for Zoom Meetings

Because of the pandemic brought by COVID-19, many people are getting used to working at home as the governments are required to control the spread of the virus. Zoom, an online video call platform developed for business communication, has been popular for companies to build conversations online. Its convenient and efficient features enable people to hold meetings online easily.

But when you want to mark down the meetings for not missing important details, Zoom will notify the meeting holder if you use its built-in recorder to record the meeting. So can you record a Zoom meeting using other tools? Today's article will introduce some of the best conference recorders to you.

Part 1: Best Free Zoom Meeting Recorders for PC

Like what we have mentioned above, Zoom will tell the meeting holder that someone is recording the meeting when people use built-in Zoom recording software. So how to record Zoom meetings without permission on PC? The simplest answer is not to use the meeting recorder provided by Zoom, but to use a third-party meeting recording software. Three recorders will be introduced below.

1. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

The second PC screen recorder for saving a Zoom meeting is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). OBS has a simple setup process so that you can go straight to the recording directly. It allows people to select the recording area flexibly, and it also provides a different mode to let people record the video of the online meeting, or simply the audio.

The interface of OBS is simple to understand. With a clear navigation bar on the left side, people can easily understand where they can do presets and get ready for their next recording. So even for people who haven't used this software before, they will know how it works easily. Last but not least, OBS is an open source to use!

System: Windows/Mac/Linux

Free Plan: Available

2. VLC

VLC is widely known as a media player, which can be used to play media content that is saved in different formats. More than this, VLC can be a screen recorder as well. It sets a hidden recorder inside the software. Although it would be a bit complicated to get to this function, it is simple to use once you wake it up.

Only to control the stop and start button on the recording bar and you can record the screen easily. Also, VLC offers various output choices to allow people to save the Zoom meetings recordings, making the media content's playing to be convenient.

System: Windows/Mac

Free Plan: Available

Part 2: Best Free Zoom Meeting Record Apps for Phones

Except for the software on desktops that help to record Zoom meetings, when we are having a Zoom meeting using mobile phones, you may also want an app to record it. Hence, there are other 3 best free Zoom meeting recording applications provided for you to try using your mobile devices.

1. iOS Built-in Recorder

On iPhones and iPads, they offer a built-in recorder, which makes people do not need to download extra software but realize the target to record a Zoom meeting that you attend using iOS devices. To use it more conveniently, you can go to "Settings" for adding this little function into iOS's "Control Center". To enable audio recording, long-press the recording icon and you can select to record the audio as well.

But a shortcoming of this built-in tool is that Apple applies for privacy protection, so when you try to record some video calls in chatting software such as Skype or WeChat, the audio can't be recorded. So you need to make sure if the sound can be recorded by testing in advance before starting to record a Zoom meeting.

System: iOS

Free Plan: Available

2. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is also a good recording software that allows people to easily record their Zoom meetings or other activities on mobile phones. Especially on Android devices, you can awake and put AZ Screen Recorder on your phone's main interface, then you can quickly use the recording function by clicking the floating icon and start recording directly. AZ Screen Recorder has made recording on mobile phones to be much easier. It also ensures the original motion quality, so that people can get a copy of their Zoom meetings with good quality.

System: iOS/Android

Free Plan: Available

In Conclusion

Meetings also include some important points that people may want to mark down clearly. Having a recorder to help can make your meeting reviews more convenient and you don't need to worry about missing any important messages. These Zoom meeting recording software can also be used to record other meetings. Choose one and start recording your meetings the next time!
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