Zoom vs Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams: New data reveals the WORLD'S most POPULAR video calling platform

Millions of people were forced to work from home when the pandemic hit, causing many potential problems for businesses and the people themselves.

In a matter of weeks, countless people around the world had installed applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, to help them in working from home and staying in touch with colleagues and friends.

By taking market share percentages from global search volume - a new study by EmailToolTester mapped out the most popular video conferencing platforms in 118 countries around the world.

So who comes out on top?

Mapped: The top video conferencing platforms in each country

MAPPED: every country's most popular video calling platform

Zoom crowned as the most popular video conferencing platform in the world!

Zoom has over 300 million daily meeting participants and is known to entertain family and friends with quizzes and video meetups.

Zoom takes the crown as the world's most popular video conferencing platform. Zoom is loved in 44 countries with some of the standout countries being the UK and the US. They have the all important feature of 40 minute free video calls with up to 100 attendees which enables businesses to host large calls. This is a feature not offered by the likes of Skype.

Microsoft teams has 41 countries favouring the video conferencing platform including Poland and United Arab Emirates in which they hold a huge share of 41.91%.

In third place, Google Meet rounds off the top 3 with being favourite in 21 countries, ruling in countries like Italy and Denmark. Italy has a market share of 35.08%.

Zoom rules in the UK and US, with a market share of over 55%

Zoom has been the clear, dominating platform and that has only enhanced since lockdown. The pandemic has seen Zoom be the top favourite to use for video calls to help keep businesses and friends in touch.

Japan, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, and South Korea all choose Zoom to be their platform of choice and popularity has risen in countries like Spain and Germany. With the likes of Spain holding a 51.66% market share.

Microsoft Teams rules in 41 countries but with much smaller markets. The platform dominates in a few larger countries with a ruling market share of over 40% in each.

Video conferencing global market shares

The demand for video conferencing platforms is higher than ever, and the global video conferencing market size is expected to reach $10.92 billion by 2027. By looking at the global search volume, our study revealed the total market share for each video call platform, and compared 2020 vs 2021, to which platforms achieved the most growth during the pandemic.

Skype sees the biggest loss of 26% of the global market share during the pandemic

Skype used to be one of the most popular platforms to communicate worldwide with people. Sadly, with the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams growing in popularity, they saw a huge drop in global market share in the past year. They now only hold 7% of the market share.

Zoom has observed a massive adoption rate with lockdown. Zoom owns 49% of the global market share, and has seen the most substantial year-on-year growth of all the platforms.

Despite Microsoft Teams being top in 41 countries, it only has a small global market share of 15% overall, but continues to gain popularity with a 5% growth from 2020.

The study analysed the number of online searches for 16 of the most popular video conferencing platforms around the world, in 118 countries. EmailToolTester divided the number of searches each platform received in each country by the total number of searches for all 16 platforms analysed, to determine their market share. Global market share was then calculated using the total number of searches across all 118 countries.
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