Instagram is to launch many new exciting options for ‘Reels’ soon

Instagram over the last few weeks has come up with features that have proved to be super engaging among its users and also has improved the quality of content from content creators too. The one feature that became a hit as soon as it was released was Instagram ‘Reels’, the feature was launched on 5th August in over 50 countries. Reels allows users to create fun videos to be shared with friends, it lets you record and edit 15 second clips with audio effects and different creative tools. Reels has definitely paved its way and have allowed different content creators achieve a much greater global audience.

The concept of Reels might sound similar to the one of TikTok, which is another one of the top used social media platforms out there. It has come to notice that Instagram is adding one of TikTok’s features into its own. As per some screenshots shared by Matt Navarra, Instagram is working on a remix option for Reels that is shown on TikTok as ‘Duets’ which has been seen to be the number one to reach the trending charts. A screenshot that were originally captured by @riodevale shows how the new ‘Remix this Reel’ option will appear to the users. Instagram has already included this feature to test it out with some of its users in the Reels option menu. When making a Reel video, users can create videos adding in the original one or another video to be played side by side.

It has also come to notice that Instagram has been working on this option for Reels since the release of it; this will for sure make Reels more interactive for the users and will help greatly with content creation. Alessandro Paluzzi was also able to discover something of this sort a few months ago, he found out a code for a feature that will allow users to choose for their Reels to be available for remixing.

Paluzzi recently also found that when tapping on the audio track of a Reel, instead of a page containing all the Reels that have included that specific audio, a small summary of that audio track will be shown first. Instagram is allowing more and more users to do testing of this feature and it appears that it will soon be out for everyone else too. 

Along with this Paluzzi also tweeted that Instagram is working on a new post creation flow, where basically when posting content the user will be asked whether to post that as a standard post on home feed or to add music and special effects to it and share it with a wider audience on Reels.

Along with Twitter, other social media platforms are also seen to be making their own version of these.

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