These 4 New and Upcoming Features on Instagram Will Greatly Improve Your User Experience On The App

Instagram is a social media application that allows people to post pictures, post stories, chat with each other and many other features. This app emphasizes of the photo and video sharing through the app. You can take pictures; you can edit them by the filters that are present in the application and you can also post the pictures on your account. This application also allows you to check the profile of other users. You can see their photos, like them and also comment on them. Instagram also gives you a feature of chatting and communicating with your friends.

As the time is progressing Instagram is updating itself and it is introducing more and more features so that more people use the application. There are few possible updates according to the findings of different app researchers. According to InstaLeaks, Instagram is currently testing a new feature in which you can react on other users’ story by the help of stickers. As we know that in the past Instagram launched a feature in which you can react on the stories of other users through the emojis reaction. This responding to the users story by the help of emojis has proved an easier and quicker way for the users to respond to the story of another user without writing a complete sentence. Right now, the reaction on the stories is done by the help of the set of 8 emojis, through which you can express yourself in response to an Instagram Story. But Instagram wants to update this feature to the sticker response as it is more expressive and is a more fun way to interact with each other.

Another update, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, that the Instagram is working toward is the voice recording feature. Instagram is working to change the hold to voice recording button in order for the user to record the voice message. Instead, it is working on an easier way that you just have to press the voice recording button that is available on the chat and then it will start the process of recording your voice message. This is a faster way and more hassle free and convenient way for the user of the Instagram as you just have to press the button once instead of holding the button through out the process of recording the voice message.

One more update that the Instagram is working on is a donation progress bar. This progress bar will allow the user to keep control on the progress of Fundraising activity that they might have posted on the Instagram. If the Fundraising activity is added on the user’s profile, they can keep track on how much funds are added to the campaign and how much days are left and all the important and main information. This progress information will be shown in the form a bar that will fill according to the progress of the task that is added on the user’s profile. This will help the user to keep a track of the information about the activity and will keep him and others updated.

With all the updates that are mentioned above, another update that Instagram is working on the ability to preview the photo in full screen before sending it in the Direct messages. This will help users to make sure that they are sending the right picture by viewing it in the full screen. They can make sure that the picture does not have any problems and is clear enough for sending it to the other user. This update is also very useful for the users on the Instagram.

All of these updates are not official and we are not 100 percent sure if they will be able to make on the gram. Right now, they all are in the testing phase and if they pass the testing phase, Instagram may be able to release them on the app.

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