Instagram announced that it will soon launch a new feature of Stories drafts

An app that has always remained everyone’s favorite with the least amount of controversies or public outrage has got to be Instagram. The app since its release has never looked back once and has always been on the go with introducing new features and updates for its users. Instagram stories and posts are a great way for someone to create content and showcase their talents and for the general public to post about the things they get passionate about.

Sometimes you create a great story but want to save it for later to get posted. For that, Instagram will soon roll out a feature that will offer the option of saving your Instagram Stories as drafts. The app already offers drafts for its other features such as posts and Reels but didn’t offer one for Stories; this was a highly requested feature by the users of the app.

Instagram announced this on Twitter, however, there is no official date yet, but the feature is in testing phase as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, who posted images of how the Stories drafts feature will look like once released, he uploaded the pictures on Twitter just shorty after Instagram announced about their upcoming feature. The option for saving your stories for later will most likely appear close to the story that you will be preparing. You’ll have the options of saving it, discarding it or just cancelling the overall story. The drafts of the Stories will appear in the section where the videos and phones from your phone show up.

Instagram at the present moment only allows saving your stories to post later by downloading them on your phone. Through this you can upload your story whenever you want, but this doesn’t allow the users to make changes in their Stories, with the Stories drafts, users will be able to complete their stories where they left off making the whole process to come off a little easier. Instagram is also testing of adding labels to reshared posts on Stories; this however is looking to some people as a way of discouraging people from resharing feed posts.

Since the global pandemic, Instagram has been seen coming up with new ways of developing tools that can help small businesses and content creators to get more exposure in their creativity levels. Instagram has always improved their updating features or come up with ones and the best part is that each one of those features and updates have been loved by everyone. Instagram is a great means for someone to stay connected to their friends and for businesses and content creators to get a much larger platform for their work.

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