Twitter to soon release a Facebook-inspired Groups feature called ‘Community’, that will allow users to share their tweets with only a selected pool of audience

Twitter is on a roll, the social media platform is coming up with features to make its users use the platform feeling safe and comfortable. In the past few months the features that Twitter has come up with are both innovative and highly considerate.

Twitter's Analyst Day Presentations are the ones where executives of different departments come together to inform the public about the direction their respective teams are headed towards to. During one of its Analyst Day Presentations, Twitter shared a new feature that was on the works called ‘Communities’, this Facebook-like group option will allow users to share their tweets within a selected pool of audience. This is a much awaited and extremely thoughtful feature as many of us out there are highly intellectual but just don’t have the confidence or don’t feel like sharing everything with everyone. Through this, the users can generate their own selected audience and can share their tweets only with the people that they are comfortable with.

Many say that this new feature from the social media platform will greatly change the way of how users tweet. When tweeting something, the user can pick out the people that are allowed to view that tweet. The user can select different audience for each tweet, enabling them to discuss about different topics with the people that are too interested in that rather than boring everyone else. Some users have created separate profiles in Twitter with different audiences because of the different mutual topic of interest. This is a great way to keep your followers interested based on the type of topics each pool is interested in.

Jane Manchun Wong, who is an app researcher, has found out how the micro-blogging platform, Twitter is developing this feature and molding it in its platform. Wong discovered that this feature is in the back-end code of the app which means that it is soon to be released.

To add into this there is a new Community creation page, where a Page can have a Community; this means that Pages can now be turned into Communities for users of the same vicinity to be able to share their views in. The Page will also consist of tabs like ‘Home’ which will be the main feed having all the tweets inserted in by the users of that group and ‘About’ tab will also be seen. This basically depicts of how much Twitter is trying to make its platform more engage-able even for the people who would like to share their point of views with the people that they are comfortable with. This will allow the platform to have an increase in the number of communities having people from different diverse backgrounds creating a space that can be healthy and informative at the same time for all.

This feature is undergoing its testing phase right now but people can’t wait to finally have a private space for their discussions.

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