Consumers Have Been Hooked To Using Similar Mobile Apps During The Pandemic

There is a latest report out there compiled by App Annie and commissioned by Facebook that presents some interesting statistics related to the consumer usage of similar mobile apps and to what extent a user switches between them to enjoy a different range of content or communicate.

To being with, the number of apps downloaded by an average mobile consumer has gone significantly up to 110 apps installed in H2 2020. This is an increment from 87 apps - which were the exact numbers 2 years ago in the similar time frame.

A lot of credit for this immense jump goes to the pandemic as the behavioral change among consumers was at its peak during the lockdown hours of H1 of 2020. However, with that being said, the time spent in apps still remains high as consumers are now gradually moving towards the post-lockdown period.

Diving deep into the details, the report also shows how consumers are getting accustomed to using a number of similar apps that belong to the Entertainment and Communication categories.

Among the 10 communication apps downloaded by an average user, 5 stand as actively used every month in order to stay connected. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 Facebook users also regularly binge-watch on YouTube during the month and a likewise usage trend exists between TikTok and Snapchat as 50% of TikTok users divide an hour between the apps every day.

All in all, as the pandemic has influenced the growth of communication and entertainment apps, the report concludes with an expectation that consumers will continue to spend more their time engaging with mobile apps even post-pandemic as well. It’s the trend of using multiple similar apps that will succeed because it offers consumers various mediums for communication and to also entertain themselves.
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