Instagram Brings About New and Better Changes in Live and Reels

Instagram is among one of the most popular social media platforms and is used by millions of people throughout the globe. The tech giant therefore works towards improving their application for its users by introducing new and unique features every now and then in order to keep their user growth intact and growing as well as works towards creating a safe and secure environment for them.

The application also changes a few things here and there on the demand of the public and Instagram very recently has brought about two new changes in its already existing features.

The tech giant had introduced the concept of Reels a few months back. This feature allows users to create short fun videos on their account and share it with their following and friends and if you have a public account you can share it with the Instagram world publicly. Initially when Reels were introduced the video duration was kept 60 seconds by the company itself but due to some reasons or on demand by the public it was reduced down to 30 seconds which in our opinion is very short to fully express yourself or the motive of your video. But we have got some good news. The social media giant has decided to bring back the original maximum video duration for the Reels by keeping it 60 seconds long. This decision, which is still in development phase as per Alessandro Paluzzi, by the Instagram was probably taken on their audiences demands because the company makes most of its decision on the users like and dislike and the Instagram community most probably had realized that 30 seconds were not enough to make a Reel.

The second new change the company is bringing is that now you can filter your Instagram live comments. If you are a big influencer or content creator on the platform you tend to have a large following and when you do a live chat with your audience, there can be a lot of comments for you to see through. Also concerning the fact that in the live chat some random creepy people who can be from your following or just some who joined the chat can comment a lot of stuff which will hide the actual genuine comments you want to go through. For this the application will now be providing you the chance to filter out comments as per your liking. However, no such comments on what and how this feature will work has been made by the company and further information can only be learned when the tech giant decides to reveal it.

It is great to see that Instagram has been working towards making their community a place which is liked by the users and in which they feel safe and we cannot wait to see what else they have to offer.

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