WhatsApp tests the most anticipated feature ‘expiring messages’ for privacy savvy users, and to avoid history build-up in chats and groups

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing a new and very exciting feature for Android users. This is going to be called ‘expiring messages,’ and it basically will have the functionality of self-deleting messages.

As we all know, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is the foundation of safe and secure messaging, and any messenger service or app that does not have E2EE is not reliable and should not be used.

WhatsApp is one of the leading messaging platforms and it is used in the entire world. To keep up with other highly competitive and challenging messaging apps like Signal and Telegram, WhatsApp keeps on testing and introducing new features. Some of them are focused on security, like encrypted multiple device access, encrypted cloud backups, Secure video calls, etc., while some features are based on less important communication factors like stickers, QR codes, web-based search for forwarded messages, etc.

This recent update about the ‘expiring messages’ feature is more focused on the extended security of chat messages. Another benefit that it can provide is that self-deleting messages will not clutter the chat history. And it does not stop the users from storing screenshots or other media attachments.

This feature is already available on Signal and Telegram, and the user there can set the messages in chats and conversations to automatically disappear within few seconds to 1 week, depending on whatever option the user chooses.

This same flexibility in the duration in which messages will self-delete is most likely not going to be provided in WhatsApp. According to WABetaInfo, ‘expiring messages’ will delete after a fixed period of one week. Also, this feature will be available for all chats, and any member of the chat can apply these settings in their WhatsApp, however, for groups, only admins will be able to use this feature.

It is not known yet that when this feature will officially roll out. But it surely has made people very excited and now they are highly anticipating it to be launched soon.

Users are not only excited for this feature, they are looking forward to other features that are currently in the beta testing phase. When WABetaInfo reported about the ‘multiple linked devices’ feature, a wave of happiness washed over millions of loyal WhatsApp users.

Then there is going to be a ‘mute for lifetime’ option for chats and messages, and that is going to make life easy for a lot of people!

Recently, Whatsapp introduced a new feature that lets users search the web to verify claims in forwarded messages. This is going to put a stop on misinformation causing messages that go viral and remain un-checked!

So, all these features sound to be pretty interesting and something to look forward to.

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